Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Teeth Cleanings

First Visit

Once in our dentist office, our dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the current state of your teeth and gums. They will also review your dental records and monitor your progress. From here, our dentist will recommend which type of professional teeth cleaning you need.

Types Of Professional Teeth Cleanings

There are different types of teeth cleanings available. When you visit our dental office, our dentist will perform a regular cleaning to eliminate tartar and plaque buildup. However, you may need an additional or alternate cleaning based on your current oral health needs. After your examination, our dentist will determine which method is best for you.

Our dental office offers the following styles of cleanings:

Full Mouth Debridement

Our dentist will recommend this teeth cleaning procedure if regular teeth cleaning isn't sufficient for the level of buildup in your mouth. Full mouth debridement eliminates hard tartar and plaque from your teeth and gums.

Periodontal Maintenance

Our dentist will recommend periodontal maintenance after you have undergone a treatment such as deep cleaning. Continuing maintenance on your oral health is essential as recurrences of gum disease or plaque can occur. Additionally, periodontal care removes tartar and plaque from below and above the gum line, deep cleans your teeth and is followed by teeth polishing.

Deep Cleaning

Our dentist will suggest deep cleanings if you have symptoms such as a buildup of tartar, plaque under the gums, bleeding gums, sensitive gums or deep gum pockets. This style of cleaning utilizes tools that properly target these dental issues.

Regular Cleaning

A regular cleaning consists of our dentist eliminating stains, tartar and plaque from your teeth. For patients with gum health issues, our dentist may recommend more frequent visits for teeth cleaning.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleanings

As mentioned before, the teeth cleaning process is crucial for your overall oral health. Some benefits of our teeth cleanings include:

Cavity Prevention

Plaque is one of the most common reasons for tooth decay. If plaque is not removed regularly, the buildup can result in cavities and deterioration of the enamel.

Improved Health

Numerous studies have determined a link between overall health and oral health. Regular teeth cleanings performed by our dentist can help you in you journey to overall wellness.

Tooth Loss Prevention

When gum disease spreads, it may damage the bone support in the jaw. This situation results in loose teeth and tooth loss, but fortunately, it can be prevented or halted with the help of regular cleanings. 

Great Breath

Professional cleanings, as we already know, help in maintaining your oral health. Good oral health means fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

A More Polished Smile

The stains on teeth are typically caused by smoking, wine, tea, coffee, etc. However, these stains can be prevented or reduced with the help of routine teeth cleanings.

Maintenace for a Healthy Smile

Depending on the current state of your oral health, our dentist will determine how frequently you should schedule an appointment for a professional tooth cleaning. If it's been more than six months since your last visit, schedule your cleaning by calling our dental office in Columbia, Illinois, at 618-281-9294. Our team is here to help you achieve a healthy, plaque-free smile!